This region, comprised by the provinces of Catamarca, Jujuy, Salta, Santiago del Estero and Tucumán, may be approached by any of its multiple features, as it is always amazing provided it is a harmonious combination of nature, history and live cultures, strongly rooted to the earth.
History is present at every step: dozens of villages and communities that keep alive their ancestral native rituals, either in their purest state or mingled with traditions brought by the Europeans. They are manifested in colorful and cheerful festivities as rich as the very same "Pachamama", the mother earth.

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  • Duration: 10  Days 
Day 1. Buenos Aires
Arrival at Buenos Aires, welcome at Ezeiza International Airport and assistance from our tour guides. Private transfer to the selected Hotel.
During the afternoon, you will enjoy a city tour of Buenos Aires. In this tour, we invite you to discover Buenos Aires. We will begin our visit at the city center where most of the outstanding landmarks of the city are located: 9 de Julio avenue, the Colon Theatre and the Obelisk, symbol of Buenos Aires. We continue our journey through the south part of the city, visiting the neighborhood of San Telmo with its tango houses and La Boca, with its mythical and colorful street Caminito. We can also optionally enjoy a visit to La Bombonera, the football stadium of the club Boca Juniors. We continue our visit to Puerto Madero, a renovated port area that now houses one of the largest gastronomic areas in the city. Lastly, we will visit the northern neighborhoods, Palermo, with its squares and elegant buildings, and Recoleta, where culture, European elegance and history are combined.
Return to the Hotel and accommodation.
Day 2. Buenos Aires
Breakfast at the Hotel and free day to visit the city.
At night, you will enjoy a classic tango show and dinner at “Tango Porteño”.
Tango Porteño recovers the essence of Tango and captures it into a unique place. We have recreated the most important and significant age of Tango history embarking it in a luxury building of the times when it was a Theater owned by the Metro-Goldwyn-Meyer. The old and beloved Metro, just a few steps from the Obelisco, nowadays turns into Tango Porteño, a place that combines and rescues the most refined setting and the purest deco style of the Golden Age. Everything is complemented by an artistic crew, unbeatable productions and a gourmet menu of the highest quality that stays true to the times it represents. Tango Porteño is the image of Buenos Aires, “the City of Tango”.
Return to the Hotel and accommodation.
Day 3. Buenos Aires 
Breakfast at the Hotel. 
Free day to visit the city or to enjoy an optional activity (not included) such as a visit to Tigre and Delta or to a typical Argentinean Ranch.
• Tigre and Delta
In this tour we will visit the coast area of Buenos Aires, starting by Del Libertador Avenue, the Coastal, Jorge Newbery Airport and River Plate Stadium. We will pass by the Presidential House of Olivos, and will arrive at Maipú Station of the Coast Train. We will board this modern train bound for Tigre. At San Isidro Station, you will have free time to visit its attractions. We will continue by bus from San Isidro to Tigre. There we will enjoy sailing through the Delta, and we will navigate along the rivers and branches. At one of those channels is located the Sarmiento’s Museum- House, the ex-president Sarmiento’s residence. We will go back to the Fluvial Station to return to Buenos Aires.
• Gaucho Day
Trip to a typical Argentinian "estancia". At our arrival a “gaucho” (original inhabitant of the Argentinean Pampa) on horse, wearing the typical clothing will welcome and escort us to the entrance of the Estancia. There the villager ladies will invite you to taste "empanadas", a typical starter, which will be served with good Argentine wines. You will have free time until lunch to ride horses or carriages known as "sulky", to finally enjoy a typical “asado”, which consists in a Creole charcoal barbecue as it is done in the countryside. Later on you will enjoy a live show of folkloric music, tango dancers and a demonstration of gaucho skills. After that you will count on free time to enjoy the day and tour around the ranch. 
Day 4.  Buenos Aires / Tucuman
Breakfast at the Hotel. At the marked time, our guide will pick you up from the Hotel to take you in a private transfer to Aeroparque Domestic Airport, from where you will fly to the city of Tucuman. Assistance during check in. 
Reception at Tucuman Airport, and regular transfer to the selected Hotel. Accommodation.
During the afternoon, city tour or Tucuman. During our tour, we will visit the Independence Square, the Government House, the Cathedral, Church of La Merced, the Historical House of Tucuman, 9 de Julio Park, Obispo Colombres Museum and Yerba Buena. At last, we will enjoy the Lights and Sound spectacle at the Historical House of Tucuman.  
Return to the Hotel and accommodation.
Day 5. Tucumán / Tafi / Cafayate
Breakfast at the Hotel. Departure from the Hotel to iniciate our journey to Cafayate, visiting along the way San Jose del Monte Ruins, Quebrada de los Sosa (Tucuman Yunga), Menhires Park, Angostura Dam, el Mollar, Tafi del Valle, Iglesia Jesuítica la Banda, El Infiernillo (3043 m/s/n/m), Sierras Calchaquíes, Ampimpa, Amaicha del Valle, Ruinas de Quilmes, Museo, Tolombón and Cafayate. 
Accommodation at the Hotel in Cafayate.
Day 6. Cafayate / Salta
Breakfast at the Hotel. 
Departure from the Hotel to iniciate our journey to Salta. We first make a visit to a typical Cafayate winery, where we will taste the local wine. Afterwards, we continue our journey going through the following important points: Quebrada de las Conchas la Garganta del Diablo, Anfiteatro, Obelisco, los Castillos (Imponent multicolor rock formations originated through wind and water erotion), Alemania, Coronel Moldes, el Carril and Salta.
Accommodation at the Hotel in Salta.
Day 7. Salta
Breakfast at the Hotel.
Free day to make optional visits (not included) such as a tour to Cachi. Accommodation.
Day 8. Salta
Breakfast at the Hotel. During the morning, we depart from the Hotel to take a full day tour to Quebrada de Humahuaca.
Join nature lovers on this 320 km journey to have the opportunity to cross the most captivating landscapes. We will leave behind the Lerma Valley’s tobacco fields and we will begin climbing the Quebrada de Escoipe, also known as ravine of the three colors, due to the reddish land and green hills that contrast with the blue sky. A bit further on, placed in a scenery of rugged beauty, we will find the impressive Cuesta del Obispo (Bishop’s Slope), an old aborigine circulation road. In a 21km trip we will overcome a 2400-meter slope to reach Piedra del Molino (the Millstone). In the lonely “Enchanted Valley”, as if time had stood still, you will feel trapped among reddish mountains and a variety of wild flowers in Spring, all of them guarded by the sovereign bird of the heights: the condor.
We will cross the National Park "Los Cardones" along the Tin Tin Stretch, an old Inca pathway, to get to Payogasta (from the Cacán “White town”), where the road weaves between colorful pepper plantations, and gently makes its way down to the sleepy village of Cachi. This town is framed by the snow capped mountain of 6384 m.a.s.l. which marks the border between the Puna desert and the fertile Calchaquí Valleys. Placed between the Cachi and Calchaquí rivers, this pleasant village, which was founded in 1673 as a Spanish outpost, retains in its narrow cobbled streets, the ancient church, with mud-brick walls and roof made of cactus. It is unique in preserving the belfry which reflects the purest Spanish colonial style in northern Argentina.
Many pre-Hispanic sites have enriched the village of Cachi with archeological pieces and burial urns in which the Indian culture lives on. The spectacle of colors provided by the alfalfa crop, the vegetables, and the drying-places for peppers make the trek worthwhile. Throughout the trip, you will be able to hear the silence, and give yourself to contemplation of a unique landscape, made up of the high mountain peaks which jealously save parts of our history.
Return to Salta and accommodation.
Day 9. Salta
Breakfast at the Hotel.
Free day to make optional visits (not included) such as a tour to Tren de las Nubes (Train to the Clouds, check season) or Safari to the Clouds or San Antonio de los Cobres. Accommodation.
Day 10. Salta
Breakfast at the Hotel.
During the morning, city tour of Salta.  Departure from the 9th July park, a site adorned with colorful flowerbeds and aromatic fruit trees. We will tour the streets of this booming city, while reliving its colonial past thanks to the captivating architecture of the historic Cabildo, the Cathedral, the Churches of San Francisco and La Viña, the San Bernardo’s Convent of the Carmelites Nuns and the antique houses, at present historical monuments, that the city has preserved.
During the ascent in a funicular railway to San Bernardo hill, and from its top, you will admire a panoramic view of the city; whereas at its foot, General Martín Miguel de Güemes watches over the salteños and their city. Nowadays, the polo fields and golf courses of the Salta Polo Club and two universities provide this city with the cultural and sports scene aimed at an exclusive tourism.
A few kilometers away, we will find the summery village of San Lorenzo, among green hills and crystalline water courses, surrounded by aged trees, gardens full of flowers and big mansions, in ideal scenery for a walk, picnics and horse rides through gentle hillocks. We finish the trip at the Mercado Artesanal (Handicrafts Market) where you can obtain fine silvery pieces, ceramics, embroideries, paintings, rustic colorful woven fabrics and leather crafts.
After the tour is finished, transfer in regular service to Salta Airport from where you will fly to the city of Buenos Aires. Assistance during check in.
Reception at Aeroparque Domestic Airport, and private transfer to Ezeiza International Aiport in order to board a flight to your city of origin. Assistance during check in.
End of our services.