Our unique program The Spirit of the Glaciers invited toexperience the magic of Patagonian Glacier, one of the most impressive spectacles in the world. Together with a small groupfor three days passengers sailed between icebergs to reach theimpressive glaciers highlights of Glacier National Park: theUpsala, the Spegazzini, the Mayo and Perito Moreno. Majesticblue and turquoise ancient ice up to 5 km in front, reddishdazzling sunsets, and night-only special-sky map contemplate thelandscape make this unforgettable destination for discerning travelers. Throughout the trip we know about the evolution of glaciers, as well as the history of the pioneers of the area.Equipped with large windows in their cabins and lounges, the Santa Cruz can admire unique landscapes offered by the LagoArgentino. The Adventure of The Spirit of the Glaciers includeslandings at certain vantage points to observe, interpret and understand the most striking features of the site. We offer more than just a trip. We offer a unique experience in which the passenger will feel like never before, part of nature. Welcomeaboard a unique experience, journey to the spirit of the glaciers.

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Day 1:

Boarding 19:30 pm: Private Port La Soledad (Quiet Bay, Paraje Punta Bandera) sailed into German Bight, a bay located repaired in the Peninsula Avellaneda. After dinner guests are invited to share different activities on board.

Day 2:

At 9 am we started sailing northwards, passing through Punta Avellaneda and Boca del Diablo, with about 800 meters, is in step closer Lake.

After one hour of navigation on the Northern Branch, reveals a series of icebergs in various colors and shapes, which anticipates the proximity of the spectacular Glacier Upsala. We stop in front of the barrier of icebergs that momentarily prevents the entrance to the Canal Upsala, and if weather conditions permit, we admire the Upsala Glacier in the distance. The Upsala has a frontage on the lake of 4 km, walls 60 meters high and average a total area of nearly 900 km2 (including the catchment area).

We continue cruising the lake Argentino due south, taking the Canal Spegazzini, for the next stop in front of the glacier Spegazzini. With front walls between 80 and 135 meters, the Spegazzini resembles a great river of ice flowing down a rocky slope to plunge abruptly into the lake. There in front of this amazing, we enjoyed the first meal.

Towards evening the upper Santa Cruz Cruise Since Cow (extremely calm bay in the Spegazzini Canal), which silences its engines to enable us to enjoy a prolonged rest or share a walk coordinated by our team of expert guides. In this first decline can be seen magnificent viewpoints Spegazzini Glacier.

Again on board, enjoy a refreshing snack. The next destination is Bull Bay, on the Sound in May. After dinner, passengers can join any of the activities organized by the crew. A lively conversation sharing ideas and feelings generated during the day or the observation of the star map on a moonlit night, give an excellent closing the second day of the voyage.

Day 3:

At dawn, as we sailed due south, passengers will have for breakfast. We landed and back in Andean-Patagonian forest, to experience the magnificent natural scenery of Glacier Glacier May and Black. They know the shelter exclusively continental ice where many explorers left their mark.

After crossing the Canal of the Icebergs, the cruise up the highlights of the glaciers, the Perito Moreno, where we walk the 2.5 km. its northern front on the lake. Its walls, on average, reaching 60 meters in height, never cease to amaze with numerous landslides and powerful sounds. We had lunch with this majestic natural spectacle in the background.

In return, while we sailed the waters of Lake Argentino to the port Private La Soledad, we performed the closing farewell toast the end of our journey. At 16:00 we landed for a transfer to El Calafate.



BOAT: Cruise Leal

Departures: Monday, Wednesday and Friday

Boarding Hours: 9 am

Time of landing: 16 pm

Night before: Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays

Shipping Time: 19.30 h