San Pedro de Atacama

Far from being inert, the Atacama Desert is an area abundant in energy, thanks to its cozy ancestral cultures and the oasis that are a source of life in the driest desert of the world.

 Climb more than 4,000 meters of height of the Andean highlands to discover small villages that have maintained their customs intact in the midst of extreme scenarios worth photographing.

Visit San Pedro de Atacama and explores the unique landscapes in the world. Salares, geysers and lagoons of an intense blue color, are part of the places you shudder.

 Undertakes a trip by the stars. Learn more about the stars and the constellations in one of the many astronomical observatories in the northern area of the country.

 If you like water sports or simply sunbathing, do not hesitate to visit the coast to enjoy beaches with clear sand, and of course the delicious products of the sea.



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