Cordoba is one of 24 entities that compose the Republic Argentina. The tourism in Cordoba offers to the visitor innumerable attractions framed by the different highland systems of the west and provincial northwest. Its rivers and creeks,  endless green and wooded areas, the kindness of the climate and the natural only landscapes, attracts visitors all the year round towards this privileged place of the world. Traditional and modern, cultural and historical where one can look, where the Spanish and Jesuit legacy shows himself across his stays and churches, Cordoba possesses one of the most important hotel squares of the country, among an infrastructure of services and expert suppliers that satisfy the recreative demands, of adventure, gastronomic and of spectacles of those who approach to enjoy  different options that already are classic of this Mediterranean province of the Argentina.

Equal of captivating they are the other cities, which offer different alternative and new experiences. Beginning, certainly, for Cardinal Cordoba, the homonymous city of the province and his political center, where daily native of Cordoba breathes the idiosyncrasy and the philosophy of the people.


Estancia El Colibri
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