The city of San Miguel de Tucumán is the capital and core of the province of Tucumán. It is popularly known as “The Republic’s Garden”, as in spring flowers appear everywhere in squares, balconies, streets and gardens.
It is located in the northwest region of Argentina at 447 meters above sea level, its topography is very diverse. It holds almost every existing landscape, from high mountains to depressed prairies, forests, rainforests, scrublands, fertile plains and even considerable desert areas, apart from eleven microclimates that encircle the city. To reach this place, where the movement of the city is mixed with wonderful landscapes and places to rest, you may chose getting there by air, thanks to the International Airport Teniente Benjamín Matienzo, that is placed a few kilometers away from the city.
San Miguel de Tucumán is chosen by tourists due to its precious historical and archaeological content combined with its varied landscapes and climates everywhere. The land of the sugar cane and a magnificent independence scenario, San Miguel de Tucumán offers spots such as the House of Bishop Colombres, the Historic House of Argentine Independence, an impressive Cathedral, the Padilla House Museum, the dike El Cadillal, and beautiful towns a few kilometers away from the city, where residential neighborhoods are placed. Besides, it has archaeological circuits, Jesuit paths and provides a wide choice to carry out adventure tourism excursions, in SUV’s, ascents or trekking through the Calchaquíes Valleys. All tourist possibilities that San Miguel de Tucumán offers will provide unforgettable days of joy to the visitor.


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