Puerto Montt

Puerto Montt is the capital of the “Lake’s Region” and it is located in front of Seno de Reloncaví; it has a bay protected on its western side by Tenglo Island. It has been founded on 12th February 1853 by don Vicente Pérez Rosales, in the town of Astilleros de Melipulli. Its current name has been given in honor to the leader of those times, don Manuel Montt. The settlers, who inhabited this zone, lived mainly from the exploitation of the Patagonian Cypress (Alerce).
The bosom and estuary of Reloncavi surround the city of Puerto Montt, they may be reached through the Panamerican Highway that comes from the north of Chile.
The gate to approach Chloé Island is a bright link to the Magellan lacustrine zone.
Puerto Montt is the capital of Region X, it has an intense port activity that provides many other options to your wishes of enjoying tours through one of the beautiest and uttermost areas on earth. Thanks to its strategic location, this city is the starting point to go to the southern tourist attractions, apart from being maritime port connecting the uttermost regions. Its international airport “El Tepual”, has one of the main air terminals of the country.


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