The capital of Uruguay is placed on the bank of the Río de La Plata river. Montevideo is the youngest capital in Latin America; it was founded between 1724 and 1730 by the governor of Buenos Aires, Don Bruno Mauricio de Zabala.
It is a contemporary metropolis that brings together a much of the economic activity, the international trade and services, the banking and the tourism in the country. It’s a city with acceptable levels of environmental quality, controllable pollution focuses, a strong sense of culture and a highly educated population. It's seat of the three branches of the government and the public sector companies. The city is located in a zone that is beginning to look like the main route to transport freight goods of the Mercosur. It has a bay that forms a natural port, which has become the most important one in the country, from which there are incomes and outgoes of goods for import and export.
Ciudad Vieja (Spanish for “Old City”) is the name given to the old quarter of the city, in the center we will find the Plaza Matriz (“Matrix Square”) At the surroundings we can see the Main Church or Metropolitan Cathedral, the Cabildo (Town Council) and the Sarandí Street, which has been turned into a pedestrian walk in 1992, is today the nightlife center as it has a large number of discos, nightclubs and pubs.
Montevideo has a wide variety of choice: historical excursions, night centers, theatres, beach and agricultural tourism (tourist ranches, wineries and farms) in the outskirts.


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