Salta is an invitation to adventure, due to the diversity of its landscape and its vast almost virgin territory. High mountains, lost valleys, steep slopes, thick rainforests, turbulent rivers, large lakes and remote deserts.
The province of Salta is located in the northwest area of the Argentine Republic. It borders on Chile to the west, on Bolivia to the north and on Paraguay to the northeast. It’s the main door to the circuits through the Argentinian North, allowing the passenger to explore everything the provinces of Salta, Jujuy and Tucuman have to offer.
The city of Salta was founded in 1582 by Hernando de Lerma under orders of Toledo Viceroy. Nowadays, even though the city has grown a lot, it keeps the colonial spirit intact in many of its houses and monuments. Life in the city of Salta still preserves a little bit of the rhythm of those times, people live in no hurry: the habit of having a siesta is still valid and rigorously respected. Today, as in the times of its foundation, as colonial town-planning marks it; the life of the “salteños” revolves around 9 de Julio Square. Salta’s tourist circuit consists of a walk through the center of the city to visit the historic monuments, San Francisco Church, the Cathedral, and museums like the Anthropological Museum and the Museum of the Cabildo.
In the outskirts, many important excursions are carried out, among them the “Train to the Clouds”: a trip by train that travels among the clouds when crossing the Andes Mountain Range, at an altitude of 4220 meters. The geography of the surroundings summons thousands of tourists yearly to travel through the wonderful landscapes and to meet the small towns that seem to be lost in time.
Animal wildlife is limited to those groups who are able to survive in the harsh environment: llama, vicuna, alpaca and guanaco. In Salta, cattle, sheep, pigs, goats, camelids, donkeys and mules are bred.


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