Puerto Madryn

At the east coast of the province of Chubut, lies Puerto Madryn by the blue water of Golfo Nuevo (New Gulf). Puerto Madryn owns a great tourist value and an indisputable strategic location that turn it into the biggest service center in the Patagonian coast and the front door to the Valdes Peninsula, which has been declared Natural World Heritage by UNESCO in 1999.
In summer, seven beach resorts are the perfect setting to practice many water activities. During the whale’s season, they also work as scenic overlooks. This city is a tourist service center and the door to Peninsula Valdés, a narrow strip of land of barely 35 km long with an arid soil and the deepest salt mines in South America. It is the chosen place by the Right Whale for reproduction and birth. Every year, from June to December, you will see these wonderful animals. At the same time, killer whales come to the beaches usually between February and May; different kinds of dolphins can be seen all year long, in any season. Sea elephants, seals and penguins are permanent inhabitants of the peninsula. Is at this natural paradise that Puerto Pirámides is located, the only stable population within Valdes Peninsula. It welcomes thousands of tourists every year to show them its most important natural masterpiece: the Southern Right Whale. It has the infrastructure needed to house visitors in search of adventure and contact with the nature. Resides from seeing the whales, you may also dive, windsurf, sail, go fishing, practice trekking, mountain bike and sandboarding.
In winter, when tourists come back from the excursions, they usually cycle around the city, walk by the promenade or the shopping center, all of them are great options thanks to the tranquility and safety of this city.
On the other hand, we can find the town of Gaiman at the northern bank of the Chubut River. This town is an attractive place where the Welsh culture is preserved at its best: from their buildings which date back to the times when colonists disembarked at the province and lived in the valley, to their traditional Welsh tea and black cake that the visitor can enjoy within the framework of this spectacular beauty, among other things.


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