The city of Mendoza is the capital of the homonymous province and the most important city of western Argentina. It is located at the foot of the Andes, and it’s a great cultivation oasis thanks to the Mendoza and Tunuyán Rivers. It is one of the most chosen tourist destinations due to the various and interesting choices it has to offer. Mendoza has the features of an oasis-city that survives thanks to the artificial irrigation. The natural nourisher of this irrigation system is the Mendoza River, in the North of the province. The meltwater is contained and later distributed through channels and ditches that run parallel to the streets and the trees they irrigate.
A land with a historical tradition, Mendoza keeps countless memories of the San Martin’s ordeal through the Cerro de la Gloria (“Glory’s Hill”), EL Plumerillo, San Martín Park and the museums that hold documents concerning to the way of the Argentinian Hero.
It is the starting point to perform adventure tourism and High Mountain sports such as mountaineering, skiing and rafting; Mendoza offers multiple circuits to perform these activities. Touring through the five squares, the civic center and the foundational area will do for the visitor to comprehend the culture, history and idiosyncrasy of the locals. At the nearby area of the city of Mendoza, one can visit interesting spots and towns such as the Ruins of the Temple of San Francisco, Maipú, El Challao, the thermal springs of Villavicencio, Cacheuta, Potrerillos and Vallecitos.
Mendoza is the most important viticultural province of Argentina. There is such microclimate and soil diversity that each vine variety finds its land in the different zones of the province. Within its 148.827 km2 houses over 900 wineries. A high technology concerning to vineyards and wine production has allowed to obtain internationally renowned products . Gastronomy plays a significant role, from hotels and its international food, to little typical restaurants and delicious traditional dishes; and, as expected, accompanied by the best wines of our land. There is a wide variety: from “asados” and Creole “empanadas” to Oriental, Spanish, Italian ethnic food or the matchless wine bars.
Thus, Mendoza provides a wide variety of possibilities for the tourist, regarding either city life or natural or adventure tourism.


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