El Chalten

El Chaltén is located in the core of the Patagonian southern mountain range, at the foot of the mythical Fitz Roy Mount. It is a tourist little village founded at the north side of the Glaciers National Park. Behind the giant granite walls dominating the landscape, lays the popular South Patagonian Ice Field: the world’s largest continental ice mass after the Antarctica. This huge eternal ice gives birth to the glaciers that feed the great lakes in the area. To reach this paradise of pure nature, you have to get to the town of El Calafate and from there you’ll travel 215 km of Patagonian steppe.
El Chaltén is located in the Department of Lago Argentino, northern shore of the Viedma Lake, in the junction of the Fitz Roy River and “Río de las Vueltas” River at the National Reserve Viedma Zone belonging to the Glaciers National Park. Here, the magic of the glaciers are combined with hidden lagoons, homesteads, the Viedma Lake and the magnetic presence of the Fitz Roy. The top of its impressive unique silhouette, remains almost always covered by a cloud that the Tehuelche Indians mistook for smoke; a mistake that gave birth to the aboriginal name of the mount, since Chaltén means volcano. The town has around 200 inhabitants and lies next to the Viedma Lake and its reserve.
It is a trekking and mountaineering center; therefore it has been declared National Capital of Trekking. Most of the excursions set out from the town, it is not necessary to be an expert to make the circuits. But it is necessary indeed to be cautious and follow a previously fixed itinerary; otherwise you run the risk of getting lost due to the beauty of the landscape. The granite tops of the Fitz Roy and Torre Mounts build an impressive and spectacular view together with the Viedma, Upsala and Moyano Glaciers, all of them flow into the Viedma Lake (106,000 hectares).


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