Bariloche was founded on May 3rd 1902, its name comes from a variation of the term Vuriloche (which means “different people from behind or from the other side”), that is how the aborigines from the western area of the Andes. Situated on the shores of Nahuel Huapi Lake, at 770 meters above sea level, Bariloche is one of the most important tourist centers in Argentina. This region offers a wide variety of shades and colors in every season. The visitor will be always surprised by the colors in the landscape: completely green in summer, ocher and yellow in autumn, a multicolored spring and unbelievably white in winter.
The city offers a wide variety of accommodations and shops; it is a mixture between a big-city and town lifestyle, where the native past, European culture and provincial customs are mixed. The tourist activities are framed in a beautiful natural environment. Many of its tourist spots like Cerro Tronador, Victoria Island and the Forest of Arrayanes, El Bolsón, Blest Port, or San Martín de los Andes have turned into traditional places to visit, but in addition to those you may choose alternative trips which will allow you to learn more about fauna and flora present in the various ecosystems from the Nahuel Huapi National Park.
You may add a little bit of action to the beautiful landscape: trekking, rafting, ski, horse riding and the best fishing among other activities in the open air. To no surprise, Bariloche also provides a great number of bars, tea-houses, restaurants and pubs.
Visitors will find a vast range of locally handmade products. Hand-made chocolates and smoked products are already a national and international tradition, but there is a really large variety that goes from Bier to natural rose haw and lavender cosmetics, all the way to pottery, candles, woven, jams and handcrafts in wood.
To make this destination unique, it is possible to enjoy the modern ski center in Cerro Catedral (Cathedral Mount), placed near the city in the majestic Nahuel Huapi National Park. All these features made of Bariloche a perfect destination to enjoy all year long.


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